HIIT for Posture

DATE: 2021-11-22
AO: Farm
Q: Infinity
PAX: Rocky, Chile, Matthew – Running Man
FNGs: None
WarmUp: SSHs, Don Quixotes, Beat Pickers, Imperial Walkers, and Michael Phelps.

The Thang:
6 Rounds of the following exercises.
16 Jump squats
21 sec Wall Sit
16 Coupon Cleans/Bent over rows with coupon
21 Band Pull-Aparts
16 Bonnie Blairs
21 Grady Corns

Mary: Supermans, Australian Snow Angels, Sweat Angels, Flutter Kicks, and Penguin Crunches.

Announcements: In lieu of the normal workout this Thursday, we will be holding a Turkey Bowl game of ultimate frisbee with Running Man and Dictator as Q. Meet here at 0800 this Thursday.

Your composure and posture communicate to not only others, but also your mind about whether you are up-and-coming or down-and-falling.
So, attend carefully to your posture. Quit drooping and hunching around. Speak your mind. Put your desires forward. Walk tall and gaze forthrightly ahead. Dare to be dangerous. Encourage the serotonin to flow plentifully through the neural pathways desperate for its calming influence. Stand up straight with your shoulders back.

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