Complete the square

DATE: 2021-11-18
AO: Olympus
Q: Nano
PAX: Faceplant, Pop Fly, Hightower, Glee, Zeus, Rambler
FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH followed by some short leg warms moving from the goal line to the 10 or 20 yd line and jogging backwards. Then we started with 1 burpee at the 5 yd line, some merkins at the 10, more burpees at the 10 yd line, Willy Mayes haze at the 15, and so on until we were good and warm and finished 30 burpees in total.

THE THANG: We ram a 150 yard 75% sprint and ordered ourselves by the finish order. From there the 1 finisher went with the last and so on.
At the middle of the end zone the PAX completed the exercise as a pair, then ran in opposite directions along the goal line/side line, and met up somewhere on the 50 yrd line completing the square. There they did the other exercise as a pair and ram back the way they came. This means the fast runners got a little more distance but the teams all ended about the same time.

The exercise:
50/50 merkins/air squats
50/50 Bonnie Blair’s/flutter kicks
20/50 Star squats / overhead press
50/50 reverse lunges/merkins

And I think there may have been some more merkins in the mix

MARY: LBC, Big Bois, hip thrusters, oblique sit-ups, glees, back archers, hands flat on the ground sit ups

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Turkey Trot, Give-2-Give

COT: Make today a day in history to remember.

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