Ring of fire

DATE: 2021-11-08
AO: Farm
Q: Matthew – Running Man
PAX: Infinity, Chile, Sparky, Rocky
FNGs: None
Warmup: SSH. Hillbillies. LBAC. Cherry Pickers. WMH. Downdog. Merkins. The Thang:
– Ricky Bobby burpee laps. 50 yard run, each PAX picks an exercise followed by 5 burpees, run another 50 yards and repeat. – Ring of fire
Hold planks and Al Gores while bear crawling or crab walking or lunge walking around and then next round do a burpee and run around. Each PAX picks an exercise to do.

Mary: LBCs, Flutter Kicks, the Motivator, American hammers.

COT: When we are swimming in deep waters, it helps to have strategies like knowing how to equalize the pressure in your ears. When we are figuratively swimming in deep waters (feeling overwhelmed at work or home), it helps to have strategies like prayer, service, exercise, etc to get through.

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