Ring of Fires

DATE: 2021-11-03
AO: Patriot
Q: Maguire
PAX: Big Short, Fish Fry, Wedding Singer, Lucius, CableGuy, Jenner FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH. Hillbillies. Windmills. WMH. Cherry Pickers. DD
THE THANG: lots of ring fires so every couple of minutes throughout circle up and 4 push ups a person while PAX planks. Run to front of school and series of step ups, dips, wall sits and derkins while doing laps and push ups in between each exercise. Lunge and bear crawls to get to the basketball courts. Suicides and Joe Louis and Squats for a bit. MARY: flutterkicks. LBC and Wedding Singer stretches.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: grunt. Ruck. Nov 6. Chad #1000 Nov 20
COT: it’s getting chilly and a time of the year when people need a hello, a greeting and a checking in on you. Do that. Make the extra call to family, friends, peers and neighbors.

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