Shooting Gallery at Olympus

DATE: 2021-10-23
AO: Olympus
Q: Nano
PAX: Nano, Yard Sale, Derecho, Lazlo, Popeyes, Roddick, YNAB, Zeus, Joonsoo (Dak), Joint Chief FNGs: @Boots, @Nacho, @Genesis, @Faceplant, @Pele
WARMUP: The usual, but in the parking lot and with an extra shuffle!

THE THANG: The pax started off towards the back of the school and each took their own post. Here we did 10 step-ups followed by 2 burpees, rice and repeat 10x!

The gallery: On the field, two PAX setup in the center circle each with an XVII-3000 rivals nerf gun in hand ready to defend the circle. The pax then tried to reach the circle, if they got shot it was 3 burpees then back to the goal line to try again. We did many rounds where the pax switched between bear crawls, and crab walks.

Round 3: Ultimate frisbee, F3 rules.

MARY: 42 Big Boys + flutters
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Grunt!, Turkey Trot, Olympus Closed Next Saturday!!!!
COT: It was another trip around the Sun for YHC and it was a great ride with my F3 brothers!

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