Baby Shark, to to to to to to…

DATE: 2021-10-23
AO: Freestate
Q: Winston
PAX: Riot, ShowMe, CashOnly, Horshack, Deagle
FNGs: Sherlock, Elsa
15 ssh
15 imperial walkers
15 ssh
15 air squats
15 ssh
15 Should tap planks
15 ssh
15 cherry pickers
15 ssh
15 walk outs

Pax starts at one end of black top and lunge walks 1/3 to come. Performs mirkins. Pax broad jumps to 2/3 and performs LBCs. Bear crawls to other end and performs burpees. Runs to back to start and holds plank until everyone is done. Round 1: 5 of each
Round 2: 10 of each
Round 3: 15 of each
Round 4: 20 of each
Baby shark between rounds
Pax completes
1 burpee
10 ssh
10 air pushes
Repeats until Baby Shark song is over
1 lap around black top skipping between rounds
Pax plays basketball

10 reverse crunches
10 leg lift rosalitas
10 lbcs
Plank o rama
Flutters until baby shark song ends

Talked about the Grunt


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