Colombian Neck Tie + Pax endurance challenge (in honor of Pre and his Boston Marathon!)

DATE: 2021-10-11
AO: Loco
Q: Refueler
PAX: Bobcat, Anchorman, Brisket, Leonidas, Salt, Dial-tone, Hoff, Stiches, Gilligan FNGs: Vlasic
WARMUP: SSH, High Knees, Butt Kickers, Karaoke
ROUND 1 Colombian Neck Tie – Mix of Burpee and absolution in 8 count. 1) On your hands 2) Kick out to plank 3) One arm to elbow 4) other arm to elbow 5) one arm straightened 6) other arm straightened 7) leg back to tuck position 8) jump up. Sprint to 1st cone 15 yds out, back home. 1 necktie. Sprint to 2nd cone 30 yds out, back home, 2 neckties. Sprint to 3rd cone 45 yds out, back home, 3 neckties…..up to the 11th cone + 11 neckties and then back down the ladder until 20 minutes.

Round 2 Partner Endurance challenge: Two 150 count exercises (Merkins & Squats). Pax 1 runs out 50 yds and back while Pax 2 knocks out as many reps as possible, Pax 1 then picks up at Pax 2’s count and so forth until both have combined up to 150 reps of each exercise. MARY: Flutter Kicks & LBCs
ANNOUNCEMENTS: 1 Yr Anniversary convergence coming 29 October + 1 Yr Dinner 30 October!
COT: Each of us is either accelerating or in a state of inertia in our Faith, Fitness, marriage, fathering, and so on. If we say we are accelerating, what specifically are we doing that is leading to acceleration? If the answer to that question is not obvious, then you are likely in a state of denial and of inertia and have not “turned pro”. Be men of action and accelerate!

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