Cindy Bobby all around Sparta

DATE: 2021-10-22
AO: Sparta
Q: Nano
PAX: Nano, Yard Sale, Pop Fly, K-Pop, Bluegrass, Rambler, Hightower, Zeus, Roddick, Ashe FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, lots of shoulders and back!

THE THANG: Introducing Cindy Bobby, it’s Ricky Bobby with a cinder block that always stays at the head of the line and is passed to the next PAX that makes it to the front. This was the mode of transportation for the entire loop around Sparta.

After a brief explanation, the PAX set off Cindy Bobby style around Sparta stopping at every light pole for either 10 air squats or 20 Bonnie Blairs (single count).

Upon reaching the corner we hit our first station which was Burpee/Frog Hops, 1/2, 3/4… until we need at 11 burpees. On to the next stop.

Stop2: Merkin Convolution: The PAX lined up along the parking lot each on a line for a parking space holding plank. The first PAX turned to face the second PAX they did a merkin together then the first sideways bear crawled to the next PAX and repeated. Each PAX followed behind once the road ahead was clear. We repeated without Merkins at each stop this time facing away from the PAX to work the other direction.

Finally to the final stop at the Sparta mini coliseum for 8 minutes of step ups! Got to get the in for the Chad!!! MARY: Big Boi, Hammer twists, reverse pickles?
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Turkey trot 0800 Thanksgiving day, The Grunt! Nov-6, Adopt a highway 10-30 (Olympus is closed).
COT: We all have great plans and ready to charge ahead but just like with Cindy Bobby and stops at every light pole we always run into roadblocks . When that happens let that shed a light on your problems and use the opportunity to change direction or refine your approach!

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