Led Out

DATE: 2021-10-15
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Brown Bag
PAX: sticks, Old Bay, Maj. Payne, Undertow, Kodiak, Magoo
FNGs: Attache
WARMUP: SSH, Imperial Walker, Don Quixote, Cherry Picker, WMH, LBAC
THE THANG: PAX took a fellowship lap and grabbed coupons. While listening to some tasty Led Zeppelin tracks:
Every 2 minutes on the 2 minutes, PAX performed the following (4 rounds): Alpo x 8, Vertical Chest Press x 12, Coupon Squat x 16, LBC with coupon x 20
Then, every 2 minutes on the 2 minutes, PAX performed the following (4 rounds): Around the World x 8, Derkin with coupon x 12, Lunge with coupon x 16, Russian Twist with coupon x 20 PAX then performed sprints from endline to midfield and back EMOM x 8
MARY: Plank variations for 40 seconds on with 20 seconds of rest (High, Low, Alternating Arms Forward, Alternating Arms to Side, High to Low); Superman x 12 ANNOUNCEMENTS: 11/6 Ruck and upcoming Cornhole Tourney
COT: I’d been feeling a bit down last weekend but coming to F3 three days this week for the first time in a while has lifted my spirits. I am greatly appreciative of the effort everybody gives to get out there and get after it so early, the creativity the Qs put into constructing the beatdowns, and the time everyone, and particularly the F3 leaders (from Nantan to Site Qs), puts into making F3 so special. Thanks to all for helping me get the Led out this Friday.

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