Every yard

DATE: 2021-10-14
AO: Olympus
Q: Obadiah
PAX: Glee, Pop Fly, Hightower, Rambler, slider, Switch, YNAB, Zeus, Gadget FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, WMH, Rockettes, hillbillies, mountain climbers, down dog, cobra kai THE THANG: three separate sessions
Session 1: partner 1 merkins, partner 2: wheelbarrow, lunge walk, bear crawl, crawl bear 25 yards, run back to switch.

Session 2: two 5-man teams, every yard is a burpee, rickie Bobbie style. On the 5s and 10s sprint across field to switch teams. Probably 20 burpees and 5 sprints per PAX. Up and back 100 yard field.

Session 3: partner 1, 100 yd run, partner 2 burpees then swap. Repeat at 75, 50, 25 yards.

MARY: Quick round of 50 LBCs
ANNOUNCEMENTS: camping Nov 5-7 – see @Rambler, Grunt is Nov 6. Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day
COT: Steps of a righteous man are guided by GOD. (Psalm 37:23) Take each step. Do the diligent work, even one yard at a time. Sometime there will be breakthroughs and clarity, sometimes fog, but stay diligent and the LORD will guide and order your life; you needn’t worry or fret.

Happy now @PaxMiner?

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