DATE: 2021-10-13
AO: Loco
Q: Mutombo
PAX: CrotchRocket, ToolTime, Madonna, Gigawatt, Shute, Stiches, Brisket, Beaver Nugget, Ronaldo, Dreamcatcher FNGs: Vlassic
WARMUP: Jog, shuffle, frankenstines, stiff legged RDLs, worlds greatest stretch, side plank reach thrus
THE THANG: Twelve exercises performed in a similar fashion as the song “Twelve Days of Christmas” 12 Bear Crawl Steps
11 V-Ups
10 – Run/Jog/Walk one lap and hold a high-plank
9 Side Straddle Hops
8 Standing Rows with Coupon
7 Goblet Squats
6 Merkins
5 Single Arm Rows (5 with left arm and 5 with right arm)
4 Coupon Swings
3 Dancing Chilcutts
2 Carolina Dry Docks
1 Man-maker Burpee
First round is the Man-Maker Burpee
Second Round is two Carolina Dry Docks and one Man-maker Burpee
Third round is three Dancing Chilcutts, two Carolina Dry Docks, and one Man-maker Burpee .
Twelfth Round is the entire list
MARY: Core work was weaved into the Thang
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Military and LCPS employees are not mandated to obtain a COVID vaccine. See Beaver Nuggets for more info. 1 year anniversary workout will be at 0530 on OCT 29. 1 year anniversary dinner, including Ms and 2.0s will be at the Brisket barn on OCT 30
COT: One can look back in life and realize how unwise we can be. When one is 15 years old they can see how unwise they were when they were 10. When they are 25 they can see how unwise they were when they were 15, etc. This reflection should bring to light we cannot rely on our own understanding and a higher power should be consulted (Proverbs 3:5-6).

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