Pick Things Up and Put Them Down … Pumpkin Edition

DATE: 2021-10-11
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Lucius
PAX: Brown Bag, Disco, Magoo, sticks, Undertow
FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH; Cherry Pickers; Wind Mills; Downward Dogs; Cobra Kais; Moroccan Night Clubs; Michael Phelps; Mosey to the Coupons … and Back

THE THANG: The PAX celebrated pumpkin spice latte season by completing a series of fall-themed exercises. Here is a mostly true account of what they accomplished.

PAX rotated through stations, performing: 15x Overhead Pumpkin Presses; AMRAP 60-lb Sandbag Clean and Squats; AMRAP CB Curls.

Relay Races: Bear-Crawl Pumpkin Rolls; Sandbag Carries; CB Farmer Carries. Each PAX completed each relay 2x. While resting, PAX performed rest exercises: Merkins; Squats; Jump Squats; Tempo Merkins; Alternating Shoulder Taps; Overhead Claps.

Coupon Fire Brigade Across Fields, moving all CBs, sandbags, and pumpkins. After returning CBs to their resting place, PAX performed running Pumpkin Rugby Tosses and Running Sandbag Carries.

MARY: 75 x LBCs; 25x Flutter Kicks (IC). You can’t argue with the classics.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Grunt and Chad 1000x on the Horizon.

COT: Today we performed a series of exercises using readily available coupons. Sometimes you need to work with what you’ve got. Embrace this as you go through your week.

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