this sounds like a good idea.

DATE: 2021-09-30
AO: Highlands
Q: Toolbox
PAX: Katniss, Trolley, 2 percent, Booking
FNGs: FNG Greg (now dubbed Vegemite)
WARMUP: follow the leader, ssh, airsquats, imperial walkers, windmills, 50 yd full out sprint x 2.
THE THANG: 1 guy farmer carry 85 lb 100 yd, while rest bear crawl 5 steps and 3 merkin their way 50 yd, switch, duck walk 5 steps and do 5 squats 50 yd, gorilla 100 HD stopping for 1 burpee after 3 steps, crab walk 5 and do 5 rockettes 100 yd, and crocodile walk to the 18 and back.
circle up for bicep curls 10 with 50lb, 15 with 35lb kettle bells going around the circle PAX hold al Gore, over head press 10 with 50lb, 15 with 35lb while PAX holds static lunge, kettle bell swing 10 with 50lb, 15 with 35 lb while PAX do bonnie Blairs. and maybe some other stuff…no one reads this far down.

MARY: flutter kicks, heels to heaven and LBCs.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: forgot that part
COT: you can’t control how people receive or understand what you say, you can only control what you say. speak carefully and thoughtfully.

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