Not Iron Pax

DATE: 2021-09-29
AO: Loco
Q: Mutombo
PAX: Hoff, Leonidas, Stiches, Bobcat, Nolan, Cadaver, Madonna, ToolTime, Shute, Ronaldo, Beaver Nugget FNGs: Salt, Vlassic
THE THANG: Had a 4-second negative with most exercises
Round 1
Squats, Decline merkins, Side lunges
Repeat two more times, but substitute decline merkins with incline merkins, then traditional merkins Sprints

Round 2
Standing Row, Curls, Weighted pickle pointers
Repeat 2 more times
Baby Shark Abs

Round 3
Row – Left Hand, Row – Right Hand
Repeat two more times
Baby Shark Abs
MARY: Baby Shark Abs was weaved into the Thang
ANNOUNCEMENTS: If you may be injured, please modify. See prior post regarding the upcoming dinner for pax members. Friday’s beatdown will begin at 0520 in order to fit in the entire workout which will last 52:30
COT: Busy men can sometimes live in denial, have blind spots, or compartmentalize our baggage. 1 John 5-7 calls us to walk in the light. If you have baggage that you cant shake, talk to the Q (mutombo) and/or attend Celebrate Recovery

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