Something Borrowed

DATE: 2021-09-29
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Brown Bag
PAX: Undertow, Magoo, Lazlo, Maj. Payne, Kodiak, Disco, Old Bay, 3 mile FNGs: FNG Finkle, Attache
WARMUP: Fellowship lap, SSH, WMH, Cherry Picker, Downdog, Cobra Kai
THE THANG: 4 series of plyo exercises, with 2 rounds within each series, 30 secs for first 3 exercises and 1 minute for fourth exercise: Round 1 – Jump Squat, Run Stance Squat, Airborne Heisman, Swing Kick
Round 2 – Squat Reach Jump, Run-Stance Squat Switch Pickup, Double Airborne Heisman, Circle Run
Round 3 – Jump Knee Tuck, Bonnie Blair with arms raised, Leapfrog Squat, Twist Combo Round 4 – Rock Star Hop, Gap Jump, Squat Jack, Military March MARY: Superman, LBCs
ANNOUNCEMENTS: HH at Maj. Payne’s at 1900 on Friday to celebrate the end of IPC 2021
COT: Workout borrowed from P90x, don’t be afraid to be unoriginal and leverage the good work done by others where appropriate

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