Non-dominant Frisbee

DATE: 2021-09-29
AO: Compound
Q: Hightower
PAX: citrus, Maguire, Popeyes, Roddick, Stallion
FNGs: None
Lots to warm up in this amazing beautiful morning

Line up at end line, first guy toss frisbee with non dominant arm, group bear crawls out, PAX picks punishment, next guy toss, rinse repeat until we get to opposite end line. Fellowship lap of burpee Bobby around field.
Round 2 frisbee toss to get back. Followed by 2 laps burpee bobby.

Round the horn core PT

IPC Wk 4 Thurs at Olympus and Fri at Patriot
2F Fri night at MjP casa
Nov 13 The Grunt
Thanksgiving Turkey Trot at Olympus

Giving thanks for the blessing of enjoying another morning together!

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