BYOB- Bring Your Own Burden (and share too)

DATE: 2021-09-29
AO: Kodiak
Q: Rikers
PAX: Anchorman, Brisket, De La Rocha, Empire, Shakira
FNGs: None
WARMUP: MPs, SSHs, HRs, IWs, DWD, CK, MtCs- all 20x IC
THE THANG: anaerobic supersets
1. Goblet Apollo Ohno (10 ea)/ Standing Bicep curls (10)
2. Kettlebell swing (10)/ merkin (20)
3. Kettle/Goblet squat (12)/ kettlebell upright row (12)
4. Dumbbell deadlift (10)/ cling to overhead press (10)
5. Pull ups(10)/ dips(15)

– Banded Steamboats- hip flexors, extender, abductors, adductors – Hanging L-swings
– Kobra Kai press
– Burden Pickle pointers
– Freddie Mercury
– Banded steamboats

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 1yr approaching 10/29 at #bulldog, 1 dinner celebration reach out to @Brisket, and region wear coming soon

COT: what does it mean to honor someone? It should not wait until they are gone. Honoring someone is counter intuitive to culture, but it is humbling your self to show respect for someone else. Seek to honor those in your life today and everyday that impact you and make you better.

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