MaryAnne’s Mayhem (DORA-style)

DATE: 2021-09-27
AO: Farm
Q: Infinity
PAX: Chile
FNGs: None
WarmUp: Air Squats, Don Quixotes, Willy Mays Hayes, and Michael Phelps

The Thang: MaryAnne’s Mayhem (DORA-style)
Split into teams for DORA-like relay. One team member runs 25m and completes 3 burpees. The other team member does as many reps of the following exercises as possible until the other team member returns, then they switch roles. 200 curls
175 squats
150 Overhead Press
125 Kettlebell Swings
100 Merkins
75 Thrusters (we made it this far)
(50 Bonnie Blairs (right leg-left leg = 1 rep))
(25 Blockees)

Observations: It started out easy, then progressively got harder. We got through the thrusters before running out of time. We were also exhausted!

Announcements: Adopt-a-Road clean-up this Saturday, 10/2, at 7:30am.

Rule 4: Compare Yourself to Who You Were Yesterday, Not Who Someone Else is Today
No matter how good you are at something, or how you rank your accomplishments,there is someone out there who makes you look incompetent.
You might object: I should be winning at everything! But winning at everything might only mean that you’re not doing anything new or difficult. You might be winning but you’re not growing, and growing might be the most important form of winning.
Happiness is to be found in the journey uphill, and not in the fleeting sense of satisfaction awaiting at the next peak.

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