Dodging the rain

DATE: 2021-09-23
AO: Olympus
Q: Hightower
PAX: Ashe, swish, Monk, Switch, Rambler, Jenner, Popeyes, Zeus, Nano, Traveler, Joint Chief FNGs: None
Run back under canopy due to thunder & lightning
Yes warm ups done

Set group into 4 groups of 3 for station work
HT ran first 2 rounds
Nano ram second 2 rounds
Rambler ran last 2 rounds

Jenner ran 4 stations of Mary

Turkey Trot
IPC Wk 3, Friday at Sparta

Be prepared for change! Original plan was to take on IPC Wk3, had to adapt and adjust due to thunder and lightning. Yet we still got an excellent beatdown.

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