Trip with a coupon

DATE: 2021-09-27
AO: Patriot
Q: Big Short
PAX: 2 percent, CableGuy, Lazlo, Lucius, My Space, Obadiah, Shake and Bake, Spokes, Undertow, Wedding Singer FNGs: Ice Tea
WARMUP: Started with the standard warm up of side straddle hops, etc. Then, ran 100 yards, stopping every 10 yards to do 2 merkans and 2 body weight squats (alternating). On the return run, we stopped every 10 yards for 5 merkans and 5 burpees (alternating).
THE THANG: PAX started on the goal line for rounds of exercises involving the coupon.

After each round, the PAX rifle carried the coupon for 10 yards. The exercises were cumulative; we did one 10-count exercise the first round, and 12 10-count exercises in the 12th and final round. The PAX began at one end of the football field and ended up on the other end.

The first round was curls with the coupon.

The 12th round was curls (2 sets), dips, shoulder press, jump overs, leg lifts, atlas shrugs, magellans, squats, mercans (2 sets), and kettlebell swings; all using the coupon.

The PAX returned to the start point on the far side of the field by alternating murder bunnies (10 yards) and carrying the coupon (20 yards).

MARY: nope – we ran short of time
COT: thanks for coming !

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