Four Eight

DATE: 2021-09-27
AO: Loco
Q: Hoff
PAX: Ronaldo, Anchorman, Chris Urban, Bobcat, Leonidas, Shute, Sculls, Fuji, Inglewood, Brisket, Dial-tone, Stiches, Cadaver, Madonna, Gilligan FNGs: FNG-Waterboy, FNG-Halfpipe
WARMUP: Side Straddle Hoffs x16 IC, Michael Phelps x16 IC, Cherry pickers x16 IC, Downward dog with calf stretches, Cobra Kai.
THE THANG: Four Corners in the Bulldog Parking Lot, Four Circuits, Forty-Eight Reps of each exercise with a partner and partners could help each other get to 48 combined reps, where some were a total of 48 in-cadence (IC). Mosey or sprint between corners 1-2 and 3-4; and side shuffle between corners 2-3 and 4-1. Forty Minutes of AM-Rounds-AP, so PAX started back at round 1 when they finished all four rounds. Corner 1 (Arms) – Merkins, Dips on Curb, Carolina Dry Docks, Shoulder Taps IC. Corner 2 (Cardio) – High Knees IC , Plank Jacks IC, Mountain Climbers IC, Burpees. Corner 3 (Legs) – Sumo Squats, Calf Raises, Backward Lunge IC, Monkey Humper. Corner 4 (MARY) – American Hammers IC, Freddie Mercury IC, Flutter Kicks IC, WWII Sit Ups. MARY: Included within The Thang
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Year one anniversary events being planned for the end of October.
COT: Events like birthdays and anniversaries can be a great time to pause and reflect. As I reflected on the last year, a year that has included many challenges for all of us, F3 has been one of the bright spots for the last 11 months. My hope is that F3 has been a blessing to those who are coming, and my encouragement is to invite your friends and neighbors to get out and join us in the gloom as we approach the one-year anniversary.

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