400 Exercises and 1 Mile

DATE: 2021-09-25
AO: Olympus
Q: Joint Chief
PAX: Zeus, Obadiah, Hightower, Rooster, Popeyes, slider, Nano, Joint Chief FNGs: Greg Hayes (FNG), Jin Su (FNG), Tony Hawk, DQ, GoQ,
WARMUP: SSH, Michael Phelps, willie Mays, Calf Stretch, Arm circles THE THANG: 4 Stations of exercises Around the track.
#1 25 x Merkins,
#2) 25x Burpees
#3) 25 x Freddy Mercury
# 4) 25 x leg scissor lifts
lift, and game of skill and chance at the end of eah station

Each team of 3 visited each station 4 times, for 100 exercises and ran 1 mile on the track moving to next station MARY: Core Exercise & Superman
ANNOUNCEMENTS: None (Joint Chief forgot, rookie mistake)
COT: Joint Chief gave Thanks for Slider inviting him out to F3 and for the ongoing fellowship and support in F3, and encouraged other men in this group to continue to be models in their family, their community, the nation, and the world

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