“Bert and Ernie” – Battle Buddy Circuit Workout

DATE: 2021-09-20
AO: Loco
Q: De La Rocha
PAX: Refueler, Anchorman, Aragorn, Rikers, Bobcat, Stiches, Hoff, Leonidas, Madonna, Brisket, Ronaldo, Nolan, Dial-tone FNGs: Salt, Valsic
WARMUP: Side Straddle Hop, Michael Phelps, Hip Rotations, Cherry Pickers
THE THANG: – a Battle-Buddy circuit workout, consisting of a slew of partner-assisted exercises. Coupon Big Boy Sit-Ups Pass Shoulder Press
Back-to-Back – Coupon Squat hold with Side Pass
Back-to-Back Coupon High-Low Pass
Buddy Assisted ‘Mericans (Hold Pax Feet wheelbarrow style)
High Five ‘Mericans
Reach and Shoulder Touch Plank Hold
Plank Hold with Dumbbell Swap
Leg Throws
High-Five Jump Squats (I like to call these 21 Jump Squats)
SQURL and Pass (Medicine Ball)
MARY: Medicine Ball Circle Pass, and Plank Pass.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Prayers for Hoff’s Daughter who is recovering for a concussion.
COT: I read an article a while back that described the differences in the way men and women interact through friendships and fellowship. The paper revealed considerable differences, but the one that stuck out to me the most was how men and women interact with each other. For example, men tend to have shoulder-to-shoulder friendships and women face-to-face friendships. I started to look back and realized I was trying to build male friendships over coffee and lunch while I should have been seeking opportunities to develop shoulder-to-shoulder interactions. With this knowledge, I’ve committed the last year to promote and encourage these types of encounters. They have come in the form of signing up for an ultra-marathon and running hundreds of miles with a friend. You can find a lot to talk about in those four-hour “long runs. It can be a simple as driving over to a friend’s house to swing a hammer to help with renovations and his old farmhouse. This commitment brought me here to F3 and recognizing that the second “F” is often more critical than the first.

“Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him.”

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