Sunrise journey to the top of arlington … and burpees

DATE: 2021-09-20
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: 3 mile
PAX: Kodiak, Undertow, Jenner, Riot, Poe, Old Bay
FNGs: attache
WARMUP: SSH Arm Circles WMH Cherry Pickers Down/Up Dog kneeling hip flexor stretch
THE THANG: mosey to top of arlington, stop occasionally to pick up the 6; adding exercises at each stop: 10 merkins, 10 BWS, 16 Dry Docks, 15 calf raises … sprint last 75 yards to the top
2 sets of 1) burpees for 1 minute 2) magoos (1 leg lifts) * 12 3) plank jacks / toy soldiers MARY: mtn climbers, A-Rods (J-Los ++++)
ANNOUNCEMENTS: ARC coming up, 2nd F for freestate
COT: my 8 year old struggled mightily in his first game as goalie but rallied quickly and encouraged another teammate who got scored on then asked to play goalie again in the same game (!); made his dad realize that the fear can be worse than the thing itself …

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