“Crazy 88s”- IRONPAX Week 2-LOCO-BULLDOG

DATE: 2021-09-17
AO: Loco
Q: Leonidas
PAX: Beaver Nugget, De La Rocha, CrotchRocket, Gigawatt, Ronaldo, Madonna, Banjo (WV), Gilligan, Fuji, Stiches, Bobcat, Leonidas, Shute, Sculls FNGs: Salt
WARMUP: SSH, Arm circles, Phelps, Willie Mays Hays
THE THANG: Round 1: Burpees (8reps on each sideline)-88, Round 2: Squirrel (8 reps on each sideline)-88, Round 3: Shoulder Press 88/ Rifle Carry X2, Rounds 4: X-Factor 88/Bear Crawl/ Crawl Bear x2-

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 1 year anniversary and dinner in OCT, more details to follow.
COT: @Leonidoas talked about the importance of communication, especially with your significant other. The little things impact harmony, especially during this busy sports/school season. Be sure to keep an eye on this with Family and friends. All about setting expectations and keeping tabs on the details.

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