Core Juice

DATE: 2021-09-14
AO: Atlantis
Q: Bratwurst
PAX: Deflator, Grease Monkey, Jonathan E. Crittenden
FNGs: True North
WARMUP: Side Straddle Hop (ICx15), Don Quixote (ICx15), Michael Phelps (ICx15), Dynamic Hurdler Stretch (2-countx10), Beauty Queens (7 seconds), Merkins (x20)
THE THANG: Modified Running School: A skip, B skip, Buttkickers, High Knees, Slow Lunges, High Jumps, Sprints. Core Juice: Little Baby Crunches, Side Flexes, Plank, American Hammer, Flutterkicks, Hip Raises, Heel Touches, Big Boy Crunches, Freddie Mercuries, Mountain Climbers, Air Squats, Burpies. MARY: Had time for one set of big boy crunches.

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