“I Promised @Brisket” EMOM

DATE: 2021-09-13
AO: Loco
Q: Rikers
PAX: Aragorn, Brisket, Dial-tone, Gilligan, Hoff, Leonidas, Mudder, Nolan, Ronaldo FNGs: Salt, FNGs- Sculls and Vlasic
WARMUP: SSH, Hair Rockettes, Michael Phelps, HBW, butt kickers, DWD, CK press, banded shuffle

THE THANG: Full body 5 Round EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute) 1st min- 25 prisoner/sumo squats
2nd min- 15 Werkins/ diamond
3rd min- 15 kettlebell swings
4th min- max effort burpees
5th min =REST

MARY: Heels to Heaven with twist, Plank-o-rama, American hammers, pickle pointers, Australian snow angels, banded side shuffle

ANNOUNCEMENTS: YHC was struggling with lack of sleep, PAX pushed, and we all loved our work together

COT: YHC spoke from the heart without a script or plan. This past weekend we recognize 20 years ago our lives changed. As I watched the many videos seeking a way to talk to my kids about those tragic events that day, I wept. I also found stories of valor, stories of love, stories that made me proud to be an American where I am free (que Lee Greenwood). May we never forget that day, but also may we never forget to show empathy for those that are hurting, find joy and blessings in the life God has given us, and always seeking to let Him lead us to Live Right, Love Right, and Lead Right. Aye!

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