Thring of fire

DATE: 2021-09-08
AO: Kodiak
Q: Pre
PAX: Banjo (WV), Anchorman, Shakira, Pre, Rikers, Refueler
FNGs: Pebcak
WARMUP: ssh, cherry pickers, don quixote, calf stretch, cobra Kai
THE THANG: mosey stopping every 3 (modified to 1 1/2) minutes. One pain station at each stop determined ring of fire style. MARY: built in
ANNOUNCEMENTS: 3rd f tomorrow at briskets barn, leadership conference Saturday at PBC register at , stair climb in DC COT:
2 Corinthians 8:19, Paul talks about ministering grace TOO others.
He begins and ends every letter he writes with something like “grace to you.” In the middle of those salutations is always truth for life, family, church, culture and theology. But it is all delivered in a package, bookended by, grace.
Let us strive to stand on Truth that doesn’t change and to always deliver it with grace to others.


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