Stairing down a coupon

DATE: 2021-09-08
AO: Compound
Q: Obadiah
PAX: Zeus, Yard Sale, Stallion, Popeyes
FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, Don Quixote, Arm Circles, Down dog, mountain climbers
THE THANG: PAX meander their way to the 7 floor parking garage. Up top the Q divided up the 5 into a set of 2 and a set of three. The two traveled clockwise, down NE corner stairwell and up SE corner stairwell. the three opposite direction. When Pax got to top they passed the block back and forth with the person coming at them. A good 30 min continuous motion of probably 6-7 laps of 7 floor 49 floors perhaps?

MARY: LBCs, flutter kicks, dying cockroaches, 1 min plank
ANNOUNCEMENTS: 9/11 stair climb here we come; IPC at #olympus
COT: Sept 11 was an eerily beautiful Tuesday morning, not dissimilar from today. No one in the twin towers ever considered it might be their last. So we should live like today is our last- give it all, no guarantees on tomorrow.

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