Seven of Diamonds redux

DATE: 2021-09-07
AO: General
Q: Lazlo
PAX: 2 percent, Booking, citrus, Jenner, Toolbox, Traveler
FNGs: None
WARMUP: moving warmup as the PAX left parts of a deck of cards in a large diamond on the field, from end zone to end zone and side to side. SSH, imperial walkers, cherry pickers, willie Mayes, Moroccan night clubs.
THE THANG: Seven of Diamonds. The PAX did an exercise at a corner of the diamond, then moseyed to the next corner and drew a card. If the card was not a diamond or wild card, repeat the exercise and mosey to the next corner. If a diamond, move back one corner and repeato. If a diamond face card, bear crawl back a corner and repeato. If a joker, crawl bear back and repeato. After making a full lap around the diamond the exercise changed. Exercises were: Lap 1: 7 burpees
Lap 2: 7 Smurf jacks (aka Gary Coleman’s)
Lap 3: 7 Absolutions
Lap 4: 28 BWS

MARY: flutters, toy soldiers, big boys, American hammers

ANNOUNCEMENTS: stair climb!

COT: the Q has been traveling some dealing with family health issues. Everyone is doing fine. The silver lining has been time with family, and reconnecting with old friends. Don’t wait for problems. Reach out for a call or FaceTime or whatever. You don’t need the cloud to get the silver lining.

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