Cone Zone

DATE: 2021-09-06
AO: Patriot
Q: Wedding Singer
PAX: CableGuy, Spokes, Mayberry, Maj. Payne, Big Short, My Space, Brown Bag, Lazlo, Sunshine FNGs: Undertow (couldn’t tag – not a FNG!)
WARMUP: SSH, Itty Bitty Arm Circles, World’s Greatest Stretch, Mountain Climber, Merkins THE THANG: Grabbed a coupon and broke into four groups that rotated:
Cone 1 – 10x shoulder tap merkins, 10x squat thrusters, 10x Big boy sit ups, then murder bunny to Cone 2
Cone 2 – 10x kettlebell swing, 10x atlas shrug, 10x coupon core, then backwards murder bunny to Cone 3
Cone 3 – 10x Burpee block jump over, 10 IC Imperial walker, 10x Heels to Heaven, Rifle carry to Cone 1, drop off coupon, run a lap as timer
MARY: American Hammer, side plank leg lift (each side), side plank thread the needle (each side), LBCs, Superman’s, bridges, flutter kicks
ANNOUNCEMENTS: iron pax on Friday, 9/11 stairclimb on Saturday at Lincoln Memorial COT: Sometimes you can wing it, sometimes you have to show up prepared.

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