Varsity Blues

DATE: 2021-09-06
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Old Bay
PAX: Riot, Lazlo, Undertow
FNGs: 2.0s – Freckles (Undertow), Elsa (Riot), Dangerboy and SweetPetuna (Old Bay) and my M. COUNT: 9
WARM UP: – 8am
Little Bitty Arm Circles
Michael Phelps
Side Straddle Hop
Downward Dog – Cobra
Hank Aarron
Cherry Pickers

The Thang: until 8:40

-Off Season Gym-
Side to Side Squats
American Hammers

-Two a Days Practice-
Up/Downs – summer football classic
Side to Side – partner up, ten yards apart, throw the ball back and forth as you sidestep down the field, same with karaoke on the way back Bear Brawl
– Like a Football sled during two-a-days, Pax 1 assumes the Bear Crawl position while Pax 2 provides resistance to Pax 1’s shoulders and resists their forward progress Devon Hester
– Two PAX of similar speed, one with a coupon and a small headstart, race 100 yds. 2nd Pax attempts to run down the 1st. 2.0s use football
Sharks & Minnows
– 2.0s race/dodge PAX and score
Matriculating the ball down the field (100 yard race)
– WR1 runs the pattern, QB1 throws
Catch – WR1 Side Straddle Hops while QB1 runs down the field and roles switch Drop – QB1 does 2 Burpees before running down the field
West Coast – Short passes and higher completion percentage
Run and Shoot – Go Big

– Ring of Fire w/ Football Coupon (handoff to next in circle) Merkins w/ ring sprint
High Plank w/ football pull through
Low Plank w/ PAX hurdles

– Game Day –
Ultimate with a NERF Football
Same Ultimate rules
2.0s (11 under) can keep running after catch until tagged

20 LBCs

Flutter Kicks
Freddie Mercury

none, soccer teams showed up and we cleared the field


– Watched Tokyo Paralympics last night and in addition to cheering USA, my kids had lots of questions about missing limbs, blind sprinters etc. I explained some were born that way, others were injured in war, by illness, car accidents and even one who was injured in a terrorist’s bombing at the Belgium airport.

The important part was no matter their personal obstacles, they kept moving forward, challenged themselves and did their best.

This reminded me of F3, because F3 takes all men, regardless of our flaws, or less than perfect condition, and challenges us to bring everything we can to the table and never quit.

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