Sine, Cosine, or Tangent

DATE: 2021-09-01
AO: Kodiak
Q: Banjo (WV)
PAX: Rikers, De La Rocha, Anchorman, Shakira
FNGs: None
SSH IC 10x
Introduced the Motivator starting at 8
Cherry pickers IC 10x
Willie Mays Hayes IC 10x
Down Dog OYO

Cosine. Sprints with reps, the sprints get shorter. 2 pax teams. Pax A sprints to end of soccer field and back while Pax B performs 10 reps. When Pax B completes reps, he takes chase to Pax A. At the meeting point, Pax A performs 9 reps while Pax B makes the sprint to the SAME goal line. The sprints get shorter as the reps ladder down.


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