Ida Knows — It’s No Merkin Wednesday

DATE: 2021-09-01
AO: Patriot
Q: Maj. Payne
PAX: Bone, Wedding Singer, CableGuy, Big Short, WebEx
FNGs: FNG @Target (pronounced TAR-Jay)
• SSH x 10
• Imperial Walkers x 10
• Little Arm Circles x 10 each Forward and Back
• Copperhead Squat x 10
• Mountain Climbers x 10

Mosey to sideline:
• Bear crawl across / Crawl bear back (plank until the six arrives) • Crab walk over / Lunge walk back (plank until the six arrives)

Mosey around the track and into the bleachers:
• Step-ups x 10 (IC)
• Derkins x 10
• Dips x 10
• Step-ups x 10 (IC)
• Erkins x 10
• Dips x 10

Mosey to around the track to sideline:
• Ski hops side to side – 30 seconds
• LBC x 40
• Ski hops front and back – 30 seconds
• LBC x 40

AMRAPs – Start on the goal line

5 minute AMRAP Circuit 1: Legs
• 10 yd line 5 x Burpees
• 20 yd line 10 x Lunges
• 30 yd line 5 x Burpees
• 40 yd line 10 x Squats

5 minute AMRAP Circuit 2: Abs
• 10 yd line 10 x Big Boy Situps
• 20 yd line 20 x American Hammers (Hard Count)
• 30 yd line 30 x Freddie Mercuries (Hard Count)
• 40 yd line 40 x LBCs

• 25 x Flutter Kicks

ANNOUNCEMENTS: @Bone says this month, unlike last, he’ll organize a 2ndF event — so stay tuned! IronPAX Zero Week this Friday at #thepatriot. 9/11 Stair Climb at Lincoln Memorial 0600 – arrive early 0545-ish. If you’re interested in heading down to the F3 10-year, it’s just 37 days away. We’re organizing clown cars now. Sign up is at:

COT: Sad Clown Syndrome is what we fight against in F3 — rescuing others from it, but also ensuring we don’t fall victim as well. Getting too ingrained into a constant routine can allow us to become sad clowns, so we need to be intentional about shaking things up and moving outside our comfort zones. Look for ways to make an impact. Impact occurs through service, so look around and find those opportunities. Look on the 3rdF Slack channel. The Afghanistan refugee influx and Ida are two current events in our world that provide ways to serve others. Or simply lead, and gather others up for a service project. Be that light that others need, and simultaneously protect yourself from SCS (Sad Clown Syndrome)! Aye!

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