Back to School Beatdown

DATE: 2021-08-27
AO: Loco
Q: Bobcat
PAX: Nolan, Leonidas, Madonna, Hoff, Dreamcatcher, Ronaldo, Beaver Nugget, De La Rocha, Banjo (WV), Aragorn, Gilligan, Beast, Bolt, Bobcat FNGs: Refueler, Boone, Gigawatt, Mudder, Stitches
Divide into 2 teams
Team 1 performs one station below while Team 2 runs a lap-12 laps ~ 3 miles • Overhead -coupon presses
• Lunges-coupon on back
• Coupon Chest Presses
• Kettlebell swings
• Coupon jump overs Jump rope-continuous
• Ax swings
• Calf raises (weighted optional)
• Coupon Curls
• Man maker burpees
Ab Circuit circle-20 each
• Plank knees to chest
• Grab the ledge/half big boys-hands out front-touch invisible ledge • Straight leg lifts
• Big boy sit ups
• Freddy Mercuries

Busy 2 weeks workouts, 9-11 convergenz, IRONPAX workouts
COT: We all have challenges, tough times- Remember GOD is in control- you are not. Keep a prayerful life and help each other

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