DATE: 2021-09-01
AO: Loco
Q: Refueler
PAX: Leonidas, Dreamcatcher, Refueler, sticks, Ronaldo, Brisket, Bolt, Dial-tone, Nolan, Gigawatt, Bobcat FNGs: None
WARMUP: An Epic warmup by @Bobcat-SSH, Ladders, Michael Phelps, Willie Mays, DD, Cobar Kai THE THANG:
3 Teams
5 minutes/station runways on the field (airport lights)-1)Murder Bunnies 20yds, Farmer’s Carry 200 yards, Stinky Dummy-Bag 200 yards, and Burpee/BearCrawl (stop every 20 yards for 10 Burpees. Teammate gets 1 point for every rep.

No Rest- flutter kicks, freddie mercuries, side planks, Baby Crunches (50)
ANNOUNCEMENTS: 9-11 convergenz, IRONPAX, Veteran’s Day Beatdown-Fall, Men’s Conference 9-11 COT: Refueler- leading with GOD

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