Commemorating the 13 us service members killed in Afghanistan

DATE: 2021-08-28
AO: Freestate
Q: Winston
PAX: Deagle, Horshack, Magoo, Riot
FNGs: Cashonly
13 SSH
13 hillbillies
13 hairy rockets
Arm circles 4×13
13 sit throughs
13 cherry pickers
13 wind mills

Modified murph:
Pax completes 1 squat at one end of black top
Pax runs to middle of blacktop and completes 1 merkin
Pax runs to far end of blacktop and completes 1 coupon curl
Pax runs back to other end together
Repeat up to 13 of each and back down again to 1

13 flutters holding coupon in press position
13 scissors with chest press
13 reverse crunches with coupon in press position
Plankorama to a count of 13

IronPax, The Grunt, 9/11 stairs


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