Astronauts Lunging

DATE: 2021-08-27
AO: Patriot
Q: Pop Fly
PAX: Bone, Lucius, Fish Fry, Sunshine, Lazlo, Coconut, Maj. Payne, 2 percent, citrus, Big Short, Flipper, Booking, CableGuy, Chubbs FNGs: Kurd (DR PAX), Ma Bell (FNG)
WARMUP: SSHs, Cherry Pickers, WMHs, merkins, squats
1) with coupon, 25x merkins, squats, sit-ups + run a lap
2) Astronaut Blast off – from the Al Gore, 10 count to Jump Tuck. all Pax led a countdown
3) 110 yard lunge with coupon. Every 10 yards perform a squat thrust and cross over Merkin blockie 4) repeat astronaut blast off (5 second count)
5) Rifle carry coupon back to start
6) Bear Crawl social
MARY: flutter kicks, American hammers, Glee’s, Freddie Mercury, sit-ups ANNOUNCEMENTS: 9/11 shirts
COT: take the good and learn from the less good

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