Killer Queens

DATE: 2021-08-30
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Magoo
PAX: 3 mile, Poe, Old Bay, Riot, 2 percent, sticks, Brown Bag, Kodiak FNGs: Attaché needs to get on Slack!
WARMUP: cherry picker, willimayshayes, lunge twist, hairy Can-Can, prisoner squats—all interspersed with short bits of side straddle hip
THE THANG: killer Queens: 5 times around the diamond; 10 reps at each corner of merkins, calf raise squats, curl press, loaded squats, or KB swing. Turn a travel card after each set.
Jack – rifle carry
Queen – murder bunnies
King- farmer carry
Ace- Bear crawl
Joker – lunge walk
All other cards-mosey

MARY: ring of fire hurdles
Modified airplane
Ring of fire double coupon drag
Sometimes life serves up four queens. Be a HIM, encourage others.

30 seconds of deep breathing and contemplation.

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