Resistance to encroachment

DATE: 2021-08-25
AO: Kodiak
Q: Rikers
PAX: Empire, Boone, Anchorman, Banjo (WV), Inglewood, De La Rocha, Chaperone FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH x 25 IC, HBW x 15, Hairy Rockettes x15 IC, Buttkickers x 15 IC, Michael Phelps x 15 IC THE THANG: Supersets: kettlebell, dumbbell, or coupon
1. Goblet Apollo Ohno (12 ea)/ Standing Bicep curls (10)
2. Kettlebell swing (12)/ merkin (15)
3. Kettle/Goblet squat (12)/ kettlebell upright row (12)
4. Single lead deadlift (8)/ Standing should press (12)
5. Pull ups(10)/ dips(15)
– Banded Steamboats- hip flexors, extender, abductors, adductors – Kobra Kai press
– Hanging L-swings
9/11 shirts coming, check Slack
9/11 Men’s Leadership Conference at PBC
Manage/resist the encroachment on your margins. Life is about margin- bank account and calendars. Always ensure you are staying focused on what matters as the world around us competes for our time and focus. It’s imperative that our margins begin vertically and the horizontal. Vertical with our Lord and Savior, and the horizontal with our M, 2.0s, family, friends, community, etc.

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