Crazy 88’s

DATE: 2021-08-24
AO: General
Q: Lazlo
PAX: Booking, Trolley, Toolbox, Fairweather, WebEx, petro
FNGs: DR PAX Pork Chop
WARMUP: 8 SSH, 8 imperial walkers, 8 hillbillies, 8 cherry pickers, 8 willie Mayes Hayes, 8 Michael Phelps, 8 copperhead squats

8 isn’t hard. So the PAX lined up on the goal line. Did 8 burpees and ran to midfield. 8 burpees and run back to goal line. Repeato until first PAX reaches 88 total.

Round 2: Repeat with 8 2-count Bonnie Blair’s.

Round 3: Repeat with 8 merkins. Replace run to mid field with bear crawl to 20, crawl bear back. (Modified to 15 yard line because it felt like the right thing to do.)

Round 4: Repeat with 8 IC flutter kicks and running to midfield.

Round 5: 44 OH claps, run to field. Repeato for 88 and return.

MARY: Captain Thor to 5ish and back to 1.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 9/11 stair climb

COT: The Q was on vacation last week. Loved time with family but missed the exercise and especially the brotherhood and camaraderie. It’s easy to realize things you appreciate when you don’t have them. Challenge to all PAX to think of someone they appreciate and call, text, talk or whatever to let them know.

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