Primate Pump

DATE: 2021-08-25
AO: Burg
Q: Ape
PAX: Mater, Tink, Sparkler, Bail, Flame
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Side straddle hops, Micheal Phelps, Arm Circles, Calf Stretch, Cobra Kai, 4 to the Floor



Part 1: Compound Lifts
Do each station once for one minute. 15 sec between stations – Battle Rope (Dealers Choice on how to use it)
– Coupon Prayer Press
– TRX Body Row
– Merkins
– Bent Over Coupon Row
– Coupon Overhead press

Part 2: Cardio
Go up the stairs (s/o to #sept11stairclimb), back down, and then back up. Partner up, one partner jogs around the stairs, when they’re headed back, they go into a full sprint. When they arrive where the other partner is waiting, the waiting partner begins to run. 3 laps each.

Part 3: Isolation
11s. Farmers carry coupon to each side. One side coupon overhead extension or dips (dealers choice), other side curls.


Sit in a circle with legs pointed in. Lift legs. Pass coupon around 5 times, then reverse direction and do another 5 rounds.

Partner leg pushdowns. 2 sets of 20 each.

* Sep 11 Stair climb is coming up
* @Ape is hosting a 6 AM Tuesday morning men’s prayer group at Destiny church. It begins Aug 31st. All F3 guys are encouraged to come.

Pray more. It’s your most powerful tool. Reach out to guys to see how you can pray for them. Asking “how are you” is a pointless formality to which people often reply “fine”, when they may not be. See announcement about mens prayer group.

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