Swing and Flow

DATE: 2021-08-11
AO: Loco
Q: Supertramp
PAX: Bail
FNGs: Gasgrub
WARMUP: Side Straddle Hops, Michael Phelps, Don Quixote, Hip Circles, Calf Stretch, Cobra Kai, Mosey

10×10 EMOM of Coupon Swings

Coupon Flow: Squat down, pick up and curl coupon, squat up, press overhead, reverse lunge, stand up, bring coupon down, curl down and set down. Repeat to reverse lunge with opposite leg. 5 reps each side.

MARY: Coupon American Hammers, Coupon Plank Pull Through, Coupon Pullover sit-ups.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: I finally bought a Bluetooth speaker for next time

COT: Romans 8:1, we can be too hard on ourselves. Forgive ourselves when we mess up, give it to God and move on.

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