Car Trip + an Extra Mile

DATE: 2021-08-09
AO: Patriot
Q: Wedding Singer
PAX: 2 percent, CableGuy, Big Short, Roadkill, Maguire
FNGs: My Space
WARMUP: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Hilbillies, IBAC, Downward Dos THE THANG: 2 laps around the track
Car Trip – 5 reps, add new exercise with 5 reps down the line A lap around the track + bleachers
Car Trip 2 – when @roadkill starts the trip with Murder Bunnies, you know it’s going to be a long set Final lap to hit a mile running
MARY: Freddie Mercuries, side plank leg lifts, flutter kicks ANNOUNCEMENTS: iron pax is coming
COT: if you take six weeks off, we welcome you back – today by using your last Q

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