The Murder Bunny Hop

DATE: 2021-08-04
AO: Burg
Q: Mater
PAX: Sparkler, Tink, Flame, Ape, Cutter, Supertramp, justinandrachelmartin FNGs: Matilda
SSH x 26
Cherry Pickers x 20
Empiral Walkers x 12
Hillbilly Walkers x 12
Arm Circles Small, Big, Front, Back
K2Cs x 20
Calf Stretch
Mosey Approx 0.5 miles

Round 1 of 11s
11s of Burpees on 1 side of field and V-Ups on the other side. KICKER Murder Bunnies of approx 20 yards to get between the field

Round 2 of 11s
11s of Chair Dips on 1 side of field and Box Jumps on the other side. To build moral we skipped the murder bunnies and added a mosey.

60 Sec Low Plank
59 Sec High Plank

9/11 Stair Climb
Discuss new Leesburg AO for workouts on Mondays and maybe Saturdays.

Slay the Monster. When we have extra stress, anexitiys or fears we likely have someone thing that needs to be done that need to be done you are dreading. This is your monster. Slay it. Keep your monsters small and keep Slaying

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