The Merkin Massacre

DATE: 07-30-2021

AO: #thepatriot

Q: @Maguire

PAX: @WeddingSinger @CableGuy @OldBay @Maj.Payne @Bone @Sunshine @Coconut @Flipper


WARMUP: SSH, Hillbillies, Rockettes, Cherry Pickers, WMH, Downward Dog


* Ring of Fire – 5 Merkins

* Mosey lap

* Starting on sideline – do 2x of each of these exercises

– Jog across field and back – 20 Dips

– Backward Jog – 20 Step Ups

– Karaoke – 20 Derkins

*Go To Goal Line – 20 reps of each exercise

– Run 25 & back – Joe Louis

– Run 50 & back – J. Louis, Air Claps

– Run 75 & back – J. Louis, Claps, Wheezy Jefferson

– Run 100 & back – J. Louis, Claps, Wheezy, Merkins

– Run 100 & back – Merkins

– Run 75 & back – Merkins, Wheezy

– Run 50 & back – Merkins, Wheezy, A. Claps

– Run 25 & back – Merkins, Wheezy, A. Claps, J. Louis

*From Goal Line

– 5 merkins then go 20 Yards for the full 100 yards.

– Bear Crawl. Broad Jump. Tip Toes. Broad Jump. Tip Toes.

– Then go back 100 yards

Mary — Spell – 5 more merkins for 200 total – LBC

COT – Thank you @Citrus @WeddingSinger for bringing me out. Offer thanks/gratitude today to someone that deserves it but you haven’t said anything. Sometimes not easier to communicate it, but it is always appreciated.

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