Rinse and Repeat

DATE: 08-1-2021

AO: #thepatriot

Q: @Maguire

PAX: @WeddingSinger @CableGuy @Maj.Payne @Poe @Sticks @Flipper @Lucius @Booking @Obadiah @Roadkill @RedElephant @2percent @Lazlo


WARMUP: SSH, IW, Hillbillies, Cherry Pickers, WMH, Downward Dog, Cobra Kai


* Split into two groups (as there is always a timer) and you are running in between each station around #thePatriot. Keep rotating and do each exercise 2x each

*1st: timer does 30 Air Claps, exercisers do planks

*2nd: timer runs around steps/up stairs, exercisers do step-ups

*3rd: timer does bear crawls, exercisers do derkins

*4th: timer does suicides on basketball court, exercisers do shoulder taps

*set of Aussie push-ups on the way back to the field

*5th: timer does 40 yard jogs up and back and exerciser does the following:

· Block Burpees

· Big Boy Sit Ups

· Block jump over

· Coupon Merkins

· Coupon around the world

· Block Squats

· Coupon Wheezy Jefferson (Movin’ On Up leg lifts)

· Block Curls

*6th: a series of bear crawl and walking on tip toes

Mary – Flutterkicks, Stretching, LBC

COT: Make sure to pull your weight in life for your family, friends, work and personal hobbies/goals. Don’t wait for someone to tell you. Self-reflect a bit and be true to yourself to pull your weight appropriately.

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