Zeus & Major Payne joint B-Day Q “Area 51 Beatdown”

DATE: 2021-07-31
AO: Olympus
Q: Zeus
PAX: Maj. Payne, Booking, Switch, Yard Sale, Joint Chief, Grappler, Jenner, Popeyes, Roddick, Brown Bag, Pop Fly, Bone, Old Bay, El Niño, Rooster, Sheldon FNGs: None
WARMUP: Led by Zeus- SSH, Michael Phelps, Cherry Pickers, Willie Mays Hayes, Arm Circles, Hillbillies, Downward Dog, Cobra Kai THE THANG: Major Payne- Major Payne- in parking lot:
– 50 x Merkins + 1 run up the hill
– 50 x Body Weight Squats + 1 run up the hill
– 50 x Mountain Climbers + 1 run up the hill
– 50 x Lunges in cadence + 1 run up the hill
– 50 x Burpees + 1 run up the hill
Zeus- Mosey to field- Partner up. One on goal line, partner behind goal line. Pax on goal runs 5 yards and back to goal line. Partner then runs to 10 yard line and back. Continue running pattern until last man runs to opposite goal line and back. 51 Standing flutter Squats Led by Zeus, Roddick, and Pop Fly
Zeus- Stadium stairs relay race. 4 sets of 4 Pax line up at stadium stairs (2 sets= Team Zeus & 2 sets = Team Major Payne) for best of 4 race. Ended in a tie. MARY: Zeus-Ring of fire hold plank while two Pax Bear Crawl around ring. Major Payne- 51 Flutter kicks in Cadence
ANNOUNCEMENTS: 2nd F gathering at Glory Days in Burke on Thursday 8/5.
COT: Words of Wisdom from Zeus “Respect”- Wisdom spoken into my life from my mom when I was 25. She was a single parent that raised me and talked to me often. She was always ready to give good healthy life advice when I needed it. RIP Mom. These were her words: Realize your purpose, be great, be human, be yourself and don’t die wondering what happens next but knowing that you left the best of you behind. Words of Wisdom from Major Payne “Respect”-
F3 inspired me when I started attending workouts in Chapel Hill, NC and helped me through some tough times while there. I knew it had to be part of my life here in the capital, and the fact that it was part of my life helped me through the pandemic for sure. I know whenever I come out to a beatdown, it’s going to make my day better so that I can deal with whatever adversity I face throughout the day. It makes me more capable, more tolerant of craziness and just a better husband, father, brother, son and person in general. And when I fall on my face, as we all do on occasion, I know I have my brothers to pick me up. Thanks to God and thanks to all the PAX for that! Aye!
Words of wisdom from our most senior PAX Joint Chief “Respect, Respect”- In my Air Force career, I enjoyed the camaraderie of group workouts and brothers pushing pushing one another to do better. I thank Slider for the invitation to join F3 when I was going through some dark days of COVID isolation that led to backsliding on my workouts. F3 has helped me renew my fitness regimen as well as my mental and Physical health. I now have an 8 month old grandson. Every workout will give me more “Grandpa” time! I am energized by all my F3 brothers to keep working out, and if a 61 year old Grandpa can motivate just one Pax to stick with it, I will be a happy man! So keep at it men, for your mental, physical, and spiritual health!!! Close out prayer led by Joint Chief.

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