A Little Olympic themed fun

DATE: 2021-07-31
AO: Loco
Q: Rikers
PAX: MicroChip
FNGs: 2.0- Bedazzled, Spalshot, Bananas, Unicorn, Blades
Michael Phelps 15 IC, Apollo Ohno 10 IC, SSH 15 IC

Individual Medley:
Merkins, Jump squats, Australian Snow Angels, Reverse Lunges 5-6-7-8-9-10

Track relay: 4 corners -7 laps

Wiffle ball (after Mary)

MARY: WWII, American Hammer, Frankenstein, plank

COT: Let Your Life Speak
Devotional Summary: (YouVersion Jour WU to the Olympics)
We opened this plan with a comment about the desire for bringing some fresh air into your prayer life. In our Podinars we prayed that the athletes would have some of the best performances of their lives. Yet that does not guarantee a victory. Prayer is not a magic formula. It is not shopping in God’s department store with a no-limit credit card to buy what we want. Jenny Simpson entered the 2021 Track and Field trials with hopes of returning to a fourth Olympics. That did not happen, but it does not change God’s faithfulness.
In the moments after her race, Jenny immediately went to congratulate the three who did qualify. She let her life speak. We can do the same. There may not be millions watching how you respond. But you always have an audience of one. Let your life speak each day. Have the courage to be vulnerable, trust God and put your best self forward.

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