Lazarus VQ

DATE: 2021-07-24
AO: Charlestown-Ao
Q: Lazarus
PAX: Inglewood, Damien, Rigger, Banjo (WV)
FNGs: D’artagnan WV, Agnarr
SSH, Don Quixote’s, Arm Circles, Mtn Climbers
Thang 1:
Partner, Dora-esque. Ladder down on reps from 11. Pax 1 runs from pavilion to Tennis courts fence (~50 yards) and back. Pax 2, after finishing reps, starts running to close the distance. Where they meet while running, the runner Pax 1 does the next rung down the ladder for reps, while Pax 2 runs to the fence. Continue alternating as distance to fence gets shorter and reps gets fewer.
6 Rounds- Merkins, Iron Mikes, Air Squats, Peter Parkers, Coupon Shoulder Press, Coupon Curls

Thang 2:
Bear crawl fartlek.

Each Pax Q’s their own Mary exercise.

Do a mini Sasquatch (aka an Ewok) with Capital Region on 7 Aug. 9/11 Stair Climb

Life is short, spend it on what is important.

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